Hantpol is a leading manufacturer of parts for agricultural and construction machinery. We have been operating at the market since 1979, offering high quality of manufactured components and parts that faciliate daily work in farms and factories. We also manufacture elements according to designs, specifications and documentation shared by the client.

Our parts are designed for different generations and types of machines, so we are able to comprehensively respond to individual customer needs. Our offer is addressed both to wholesalers, servicing plants, private companies, enterprises and individual customers. We have qualified staff and quality management system (ISO 9001), so we guarantee quick execution of orders and our welding methods ensure high quality and durability of our products.

We operate throughout the country and we export products to countries of the European Union. Our machinery park allows for processing a wide variety of materials ranging from colorful materials through carbon steel to chrome nickel. We produce both individual prototype products as well as larger series of products. We are able to manufacture any unusual order.

The manufactured parts are safe, durable and competitively priced. Many reputable companies from Poland and other European Union countries have put their trust in us.

We are open to your proposals for cooperation.


ul. Brzozowa 4, 62-300 Września



502 503 815, 601 663 883